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I wish to be a marine biologist!

  • Seamus, his parents and Research Specialist George Matsumoto (center).

  • Checking out the docs and boats.

  • Learning from real scientists was a highlight of the wish.

  • Learning about all the special equipment used in the lab.

  • More ready than ever to be a marine biologist!

  • Observing the tank and learning about how it is used.

  • Seamus learns about how to safely work with a dolphin.

  • Examining the dolphin's mouth safely is important.

“ Seamus has dreamed of being a marine biologist since he was 3 ”

- Pam Hansman, Volunteer

Everything went wonderfully for Seamus' wish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Moss Landing Marine Lab. The reactions and feedback from Seamus, and his parents were that the entire day exceeded Seamus' expectations. They were touched and inspired by what they saw, and were thrilled with all Seamus was able to experience. Seamus, though quiet and thoughtful, was very excited with everything he got to do and see, and for the people he got to meet and talk with. And he really loved the white stretch limo!

Dennis, the limo driver was delighted to be involved with the wish. The long drive went quickly and we had a good time getting to know one another sharing stories while on the way to the aquarium.

George Matsumoto, the research specialist and Seamus' very own special tour guide at MBARI met with Seamus first and they immediately connected. When George handed Seamus his name badge (which was a highlight for both Dad and Seamus) his face lit-up! He had his very own name badge made that said "Seamus Marine Biologist." He was just thrilled. George provided a wonderful tour of MBARI, and arranged for Seamus to meet and talk with four scientists, all with different marine specialties. Then George took them on the Western Flyer collection ship. The Scientists presented Seamus with a book about the oceans that they personalized, a staff shirt and a few other goodies. It was awesome!

We stopped for a great lunch at Phil's and we were off again to the Moss Landing Marine Lab.

When we got to Moss Landing, Traci and the team there embraced Seamus as though he were one of their staff. They had a wet suit waiting for him, and as you can see in the photos, he was able to feed, help train and spend time with both the dolphins and the seals. The connection between Seamus and the dolphin was sweet and beautiful to witness. It was totally awesome!

A tired Seamus slept on the ride back to the hotel, while his parents Riad and James shared how grateful they were to Make-A-Wish for making his wish come true. Seamus is a very special boy and I have no doubt he will pursue his dream of becoming a Marine Biologist, which he’s talked about since he was three years old! It was a wonderful day and the perfect wish experience for Seamus who loves the ocean and all its creatures.

Submitted by Pam Hansman, Volunteer

The connection between Seamus and the dolphin was sweet and beautiful to witness. ”

— Pam Hansman, Volunteer

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