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Jeremiah Visits Pig Beach in the Bahamas!

  • Jeremiah and a baby pig

  • Jeremiah talking to a pig

  • Jeremiah petting the pigs

  • Ready to snorkel!

  • Jeremiah watching the water splash

  • Check out the rock iguanas!

“ One week in the Bahamas made a lifetime of memories ... ”

Bristol Myers

For Jeremiah, an idea for his wish started from one of his favorite YouTube stars. FUNnel Vision, a family of six, goes on crazy travel adventures around the world, including bungee jumping, water parks, and much more, and publishes videos from their trips. Once Jeremiah saw the vacation-crazy family’s video where they went to the Bahamas, the 10-year-old knew what he wanted to wish for. After going through chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments for cancer, swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas was the perfect experience for him and his family. As someone who cares deeply about his family and is always doing things for his siblings, it was important to Jeremiah that everyone joined him on the trip.

For those who don’t know, the pigs in Exuma, Bahamas are world-famous! Travelers from around the globe come to experience this unique site. According to National Geographic, “The swimming pigs have populated the island for decades, but their actual origin is somewhat of a mystery. Local legend claims they swam ashore after a shipwreck or were left on the island by sailors who planned to come back and eat them, but never returned.” Today they snort and swim in the crystal blue waters with tourists and go ashore for snacks.

In March, thanks to the generous support of Bristol-Myers Squibb, Jeremiah and his family embarked on their adventure to what the locals call “Pig Beach,” in Exuma, Bahamas. The fun started once they hit the sand, where Jeremiah was able to swim with and feed several of the famous pigs. The family also got to feed some rock iguanas, that also inhabit the beach. The trip also included snorkeling and a historical tour of Exuma.

One week in the Bahamas made a lifetime of memories for the family from Southern California. Now that he’s home, Jeremiah is back in school, and more determined than ever to not let his condition change who he is.

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