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I Wish to Go

“ We needed this trip to escape reality. ”

Samantha , 15

Acute Liver Failure

I wish to go to Liverpool for the ultimate Beatles experience

Brooke - I wish to go to Baths in Virgin Gorda

Brooke wished to visit one of the most famous beaches in the world!

  • Brooke , 19

    • heart transplant
    • I wish to go to The Baths in Virgin Gorda
  • I wish to go

Brooks I wish to go to Lego Factory in Denmark

7-year-old Brooks taking Denmark by storm!

  • Brooks , 7

    • Wilm’s tumor
    • I wish to go to Lego Factory in Denmark
  • I wish to go

Cara has been granted a wish to to Hawaii!

Cara's Wish to Go to Hawaii Came True!


My'khail's Wish To Visit 2K Sports


Sarah's wish to visit Steve Irwin's Zoo in Australia

Arianalynn enjoying the island of Mo'orea

Arianalynn's wish to go to Mo'orea

Alexandra wished to go to Antarctica.

From Palm Trees to Polar Ice

Samantha goes to England for the ultimate Beatles experience.

Wish Gets Retro with the ORIGINAL Boy Band!

wish to paris

I wish to Go to Paris

Logan wishes to go to the Lego Discover Center

I wish to go to the Lego Discovery Center!

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