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Melissa's wish for a playset restores her happiness

  • Melissa cutting the ribbon to officially open the playset!

  • Melissa is all smiles as she explores her new playset!

  • Just hanging around her new playset!

“ She gets out of the house more, spends more time playing, and is very joyful ”

- Melissa's mom

Despite having been diagnosed with leukemia at the age of three, Melissa has maintained her strong and outgoing personality. Before her illness, her favorite activity was playing in the park with her family and friends. But once she got sick, she was no longer able to go outside or play in public places. When the Make-A-Wish volunteer team met with her, she didn’t hesitate before asking for a playset in her backyard.

Melissa’s wish was a treat for everyone involved. A large group of volunteers came together at her house to build her playset outside while her family distracted her indoors. Everyone did their part, working together like a community just for Melissa.

When everything was ready, Melissa and her family were escorted out of the house for the magic moment. Everyone watched Melissa react to the big surprise – a beautiful playset with swings, a slide, Olympic rings, a terrace, and a rock wall.

On seeing Melissa’s wish come true, her mother said, “Her face was full of happiness. Melissa has always been caring and playful, but after getting sick she seemed to have lost a bit of herself. Now, thanks to the playset, she gets out of the house more, spends more time playing, and is very joyful.”

Despite her ongoing medical challenges, Melissa continues to smile and draw strength from her playset, which she shares with her friends, sister, cousins, and other family members. For Melissa, it’s the gift that keeps giving and a constant source of courage, strength, and love.

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