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Railynda is the Shopping Queen!

  • Railynda was granted a wish to have a shopping spree

  • Railynda at Daniel's Jewelers

  • Daniel's Jewelers team welcomed Railynda with a cake, treats and gorgeous jewelery

  • Railynda shopping at the mall

  • Positive vibes only!

  • Railynda loved her gifts!

  • Railynda at Daniel's Jewelers

We all have our passions, for some people it's music, for some people it's collecting, but for Railynda it’s shopping. This vivacious 16-year-old makes running through the aisles of a department store look like an Olympic sport, and we know that if it was, she’d take the gold. When asked what she likes to do in her spare time, she says shopping! What she likes to do with her friends? Shopping. With family? You guessed it, shopping!  So when she was told her wish to go on a giant shopping spree was coming true, Railynda started counting down the days. Her mom told us, “She has been really brave and tough this entire week so she wouldn’t have to go to the hospital and postpone her wish.”

On the day Railynda’s wish was finally coming true, she was met by her wish granting volunteers and a limo to take her shopping. They immediately realized she was a shopping pro and knew exactly where she wanted to go. Starting off at Forever 21 and Pink, she was ecstatic about being able to buy whatever she wanted without even checking the price tag. The volunteers watched in awe as this expert shopper went to work. They told us, “I would start checking out and she would come up with more and more items to add to pile saying "this is the last one", "no, this is it", "ok, these are really the last two things",  it was hilarious!” After purchasing what to anyone else would be an overwhelming amount of clothes at the first two stores, Railynda was just getting started - still ready to shop and nowhere near about to drop. She went to Journeys to get a pair of shoes she’d been wanting and was surprised to hear the store manager say, "Oh Rai! We’ve been expecting you." Railynda wondered how he knew her. "You’re a rock star, that’s why, everyone knows you!", - he said and then gave her a Sperry backpack filled with goodies and a gift card especially for her.

Railynda’s shopping spree was a wish of a lifetime for her. She could not stop smiling the entire time she was there, and made everyone around her smile, as well. Having a boundless shopping expedition was a beautiful adventure that Railynda will always remember. It was not just the act of actually buying the items that really stuck with her, but also the way each store she walked into immediately made her feel special, especially her last stop of the day, a surprise at Daniel’s Jewelers.

This wish was made possible through the support of Jewelers for Children. As a part of their support, one of their local jewelers, Daniel’s Jewelers hosted an additional wish enhancement. So, just when Railynda thought her wish was over, all her money spent, and was enjoying lunch with her mom at The Olive Garden before going home, the volunteers told her they had one quick stop to make… When she walked into Daniel’s Jewelers, she was greeted by a sea of their employees’ warm welcomes. At first she didn’t understand how they knew who she was, until she turned to see a giant sign with her name on it and cake made just for her. The entire store was decorated to celebrate with her, and on the cake table were more treats and some gift bags. At first Railynda thought they were just displays, but was shocked when the manager told her they were gifts for her. Daniel’s gave her a beautiful necklace, stud earrings, and bracelet, and even gifted her mom with a gold bracelet, after telling her that she deserved something too! Railynda felt recharged by her wonderful day and could not stop saying “this was the best day ever!” as she got back into the limo to take her home.

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