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Galia Seger Honors her Mother's Legacy

Carmela Poran

“ She was one of the most impressive women I knew. ”

- Galia Seger

Dear Friends, 
My mother was a very special woman.  When she recently passed away, I wanted to honor her memory in a way that epitomized who she was. She loved children and loved life, and knowing that a child battling a life-threatening illness would receive their most heartfelt wish would have made her so happy.  

Carmela Poran - An Exceptional Woman
My mom loved her family and friends. She never lied or took advantage of anyone, and always said what she thought. She was strong minded, with a rich set of values. I don’t know anyone who has done so much for her family and for many others. She spent countless hours making wedding gowns, dresses and suits for the women in our family and wouldn’t consider accepting any money. I’ll never forget when she made an outfit for my school play.  It was made of a delicate white Chiffon fabric with lace and stitched pearl beads. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I remember feeling so touched she cared that much about an outfit for a school play. I couldn’t wait to wear it the next day. 

Mom’s Story 
My mom was born in 1931 in Tel Aviv, the youngest of 4 siblings, to a family who emigrated to Tel Aviv from Bulgaria in 1926. Three traumatic events happened to mom while growing up, which is why she always feared the worst: Her father passed away when she was 7, the WW2 bombing in Tel Aviv and a bad accident while going through pre-military training.   Mom had a wonderful caring mother and three siblings who insured she was happy. When mom was 16, she left high school to attend a fashion salon in Tel Aviv and she became a high-end couture dress maker. She met my father when she was 23. She looked like a model and he fell in love at first sight. In 1955 my parents married, just a year after they met.  Mom worked endless hours raising our family and creating incredible works of arts for her clients. She woke early to get us ready for school, cleaned the house and sewed. She then cooked a tasty meal when we arrived from school, cleaned more and worked many more hours in the evening. When my dad was posted in Paris, she immensely enjoyed travelling in Europe. This was very uncommon at that time for Israelis. After early retirement, dad decided to immigrate to the United States. While extremely challenging for my mom, she followed him to the states and began a new and prosperous career, while in her early 50’s. She retired at the age of 70, and enjoyed cooking, traveling and spending time with her family.   

Special Memories with Mom… 
  • Sewing the most beautiful gown for me to wear after the end of a long day.  She stayed up hours in bed at night while working on the last details.  
  • Making a grilled cheese sandwich, bringing it to school during lunch to make sure I had food that I liked. 
  • The smell of our home on Fridays, full of treats and freshly baked cake she cooked for the weekend. 
  • The way she looked on Friday nights, as if she stepped out of a fashion magazine. 
  • The sandwiches she prepared for our summer Saturdays at the beach.
  • The way she always put her kids first, before allowing herself anything. 
  • The way she was always there for us as grown-ups, whenever we needed or asked for help. 
  • The way she loved and spoiled her grandchildren. 

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In honor of my mother, more wishes like Benjamin's will come true.

Ben at NASA

Benjamin, 9
kidney disease
I wish to be an astronaut

9 year-old Benjamin was born with kidney disease and spent much of his early childhood in the hospital for treatments before receiving a kidney transplant. Exhausting weekly visits to the doctor’s office for lab tests and medication kept Benjamin from participating in his favorite activities, like playing soccer and bike riding.

Benjamin developed a love for learning about outer space, the planets, NASA, space travel and astronauts.  During his treatments, Benjamin dreamed of putting on a spacesuit, trying the different foods astronauts eat, and “doing what astronauts do.” When he was told he could have a wish through Make-A-Wish, there was no question that he wanted to go with his family to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to meet astronaut Mike Hopkins and tour the space center facilities.

He explored the facility with Colonel Hopkins, tried out the equipment in the astronauts' gym, walked through mock-ups of the space station, observed astronauts training for space walks and stood in the iconic Mission Control Center. His favorite moment was controlling an active, real-time camera on the outside of the International Space Station.

Benjamin’s day at the Johnson Space Center was one he will never forget.  It ignited his ambition to be an astronomer when he gets older and he continues to learn new facts that further his interest. In a letter sent to Make-A-Wish Greater Angeles, Benjamin’s parents said, “Our afternoon at NASA was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We are so glad Benjamin chose this wish and that Make-A-Wish was able to fulfill it beyond his wildest dreams!"

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